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Economic  Dry  Dock 

You can installed PVC pipe  to your natural  caribbean dock  to have maximal durability.   

Each post will have Pvc form     several inches above the water so that any exposed wood will be kept from going under the water. 

All our dock material is  pressure treated wood,It is truly an ideal material for boat docks. 
Let’s face it, having a dock is awesome. It’s a gateway to the adventures of the open waters. Whether you’re a fisherman, an avid speed-boater, or just enjoy a ride around the  in a canoe,  our relaxing docks are the home for your adventure vessel.

However, making sure your dock will function for years and add appeal to any natural body of water is important. Consider these elements when designing your dock. You’ll be happy you got all of the details right; from the perfect decking material to the optimal measurements for your dock.

Marina  Dry  Dock 

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