This  property is located in the  hearth  and soul of camp bay also  this property is next door to camp bay futures golf course  this location is perfect for a  5 start hotel ,  privates home  or beach  front   this  property also  have  road and electrical 

also this property is located on the north side of the island where the sun set at evening
this property are eleveted 10 feet from the beach wish make this  property a  very safe location  in storm or bad weather 
this property is a  lost paradise, in few  year or so from now this property will be cost  $ millons  
the cost of this property $ 265,000 ( Price reduce )

This is last beach front property in camp bay that  is still in the hand of  the local ​swhj9
Alexander Real Estate
 Camp bay beach front property 3+  acree with 375 foot of beach front ( Sold )
camp bay beach front property  for sale 150 foot  of water front  total of acre 6.5 ( Avaible )
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Cel (504) 9597-3557​
Prime Beach front property  Located next to the golf course on the west side 

This property is located in crew fish rock  10 minutes walk away from palmetto bay resort on the west  side and 12 minutes walk away from pristine bay on the east side  pristine bay is the only golf course resort on the Bay island  , also this property is next door to  one of the  biggest investor that both 110 acre from a other investor few year ago  
This property is 4+ acre with 300 feet  This property feature lots of fruits three and it is located in very piece full area 
Prime beach property in sandy bay with 360 foot of beach front ( Sold )
Special  deal on view propery in sandy bay next door to lawson rock  2 acree
This property is located next door to lawson rock  and it is 2 acre with stuning view to the north side of the island 
the cost of the the two acre is $ 65,000 plus finding fee of $ 2,000


Prime beach front property with beautiful slope including 360 foot of beach frontage  unique property with turquoise view , property facing the north side of the island

Asking price $ 450,000.00
Sold    price  $ 350,000​​​​​.00
The  $ 1 billion dollar   260 degree view estate 
Half million dollars home next door 
This is one of the best view property that are located on the west side of the island, This property have a pave road and feature  water and electrical connection , also this property is 5 minutes walk away from the beach, This is not only one other land in roatan this property have one of the best view  on the island of roatan giving you 260 degree wish give you the best view of the west  north and east side of the island 
this property is 3/4 of acre that   give extra property for farming fruit and vegetal three
cost of this property is $ 112,000.00​​
plus 2.5 % finding me ​
The dream estate with a private key hole beach  in west bay
An opportunity to purchase a luxurious piece of Caribbean real estate property on the beautiful Paradise Beach of the bay island of roatan Offering fantastic ocean view on the south side  of the island  This property  feature private key hole with small beach  there are only two property like this one  in all Honduras  , Roatan is one of the best island for comfortable living, this properties are high standards with superior   view and beauty

This property have pave road with under ground electrical that is al ready in place
This property is two full acre asking price is $ 480,000.00

West bay Beach   PHOTO

​​Take advantage  of one of the  best opportunity  In Roatan and purchase 2.70 acre of paradise property including 250 feet of beach front located in camp bay wish give you semi private beach and lay back relax area.  Asking price of this property is $ 140,000.00

Also this property c​​​an be sold in two section  that give you more flexible opportunity  to own a section of paradise property in the beautiful Bay island of Roatan.

This island also offers you the second largest reef in all the world
Paradise Private Beach Front On Discount Price
This property might be the only one on the island that have non traffic entrance for public in vehicle and also you can fence your property right to the beach wish give you 100% of  privacy, also this property is a full half acre that are located in the middle part of the island and it also  few mile away from the golf course.

This property is a full half of acre the price is $ 60,000.00

This property value is $ 150,000.00